Our Philosophy

At Excelsior International Academy, we are aware of your concerns about your child’s well-being in your absence. Additionally, we believe that good childcare depends upon consistent care giving in a home-like environment. Therefore, we can assure you that our center provides an atmosphere that is safe and filled with opportunities for your child to explore, create and communicate with other children and adults.

Our programs are designed to be inclusive of all children, including those with identified disabilities and special learning and developmental needs. Experiences with music, science, math, movement, art, language and building are incorporated into our daily lesson plans. Regularly scheduled snacks and meals, rest time, indoor and outdoor play, limited access to interactive technology for older students, and routines in physical care giving promotes the child’s health, comfort and ability to care for him/herself. At Excelsior International Academy, we strive to optimize your child’s physical, social, cognitive, emotional and academic needs, and linguistic development in a caring and supportive environment.

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